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December 20, 2012:
Suddenly the web is abuzz with people seeking Pyongyang Racer.


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 Want a video game that anyone can afford? Pyongyang Racer is a web-based game that lets you race around the North Korean capital and collect gasoline in order to see all the premier destinations and monuments, including the Arch of Triumph (like the French one, but bigger), the Victory Monument, and the Ryugyong Hotel, which is known to the West as the Hotel of Doom, but is now complete! Also, players can see the Juche Tower, which is the tallest stone structure in the world, as well as the traffic wardens. Play involves avoiding obstacles like other cars while collecting gas barrels. Pyongyang is known as the City of Willows and thus far has not has the same kind of Road Rally treatment seen in video games based on other cities and areas. The game, listed as the "first computer game out of North Korea" portends that more such games may be created in the future, and hopefully North Korean game development creates an economic income stream that furthers the development of peace-based commerce in this little known land.

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Special note: Sure, the game doesn't look fancy compared to our HDTV games, but people have to start somewhere, and once upon a time people were making fun of Japanese products, and look where that got us.